Operate from a Paradigm that is Expansive

“Start by getting clear in what you’d like to manifest. Clarity is power. If you send confused signals to the Universe, you will only manifest confusion. “

Written By Noah Cohen: Published Jan 6th, 2020 | Updated Jan 6th, 2020.

Noah Cohen is the driving force behind Humanic.Tech, a habit tracking app and life dashboard designed to help people reach their most ambitious goals. 🚀

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“What is imagined with consistency and focus, is manifested on the outside.”

Today Humanic has the opportunity to sit down and chat with Evelyn Lim, an abundance coach for women in business, about her experience helping people quest towards their dreams. Let’s jump in!

First of all, thank you for joining us today Evelyn. Can you kick off the interview by telling us a little bit more about how you came into becoming an abundance coach supporting women in business with emotional healing and mindset breakthroughs?

My journey into entrepreneurship started a few years after I left my fast track banking career. I had left full-time employment to become the main caregiver to my kids. With that loss in financial independence, what I did not expect was that my self-esteem would drop. While I enjoyed being with my kids, the change put me in a dilemma. Do I go back to the bank or do I be a stay-at-home mother? I was unhappy and I sought answers.

That was when I asked myself what I truly wanted. My desire was to have the ability to start my own business, work from home, enjoy flexible hours, do the work that I love, share about my journey….that to me is abundance. Having connected with the dream, I decided to start an online business.

I started with being a digital marketer. However, as time went on, I realised that I was in my own way of my dreams. I did not realise that becoming a solopreneur entailed many aspects that I needed to learn. I became overwhelmed from having to handle a lot of things on my own. Eventually, as things started to pile up, I went into depression. Despite having a nice home, a loving husband and great kids, I felt as if I was in darkness.

My turning point happened when I invested in myself. I went on a healing journey, seeking help with various energy healing therapies and personal growth workshops. I was going round and round at first. Later on, as I sat to meditate, I saw the light. I realised that ONE root cause to my issues was insufficient self-love. Due to wanting to be perfect, I was constantly in self-criticism. I was harsh inwards. Much of my issues stemmed from childhood.

I worked through many of my blocks to get to where I am today. It was literally about shifting from blocks to breakthroughs, turning scars into stars and pain into power. From being unable to count my blessings, I now live with greater joy and gratitude.

Having derived insights, I wrote books so that others can find out that they are not alone and that there are solutions available out there. Notwithstanding, I realised that my greatest fulfilment comes from having helped someone personally heal emotionally and to achieve a mindset breakthrough. It’s been interesting that where I once helped clients grow their investment portfolio on the outside, I now help women become and feel rich from the inside-out.

Your focus is really helping women in business who are struggling with deep-rooted fears and limiting beliefs. In your experience working with clients what are the most common limiting beliefs you deal with and how do you help your clients overcome them?

I have worked with many women who come to me looking for a breakthrough. By then, they would have tried different ways to help themselves. If it is about their business, it could be that they have tried some marketing strategies, boughtg an online mindset courses, done group healing sessions, attempted meditation or attended law of attraction workshop. Despite these attempts, they have been unable to achieve their desired results. The issues that they tend to manifest are a lack in an ability to attract the business that they want, getting clients to sign contracts with them, a lack in confidence to grow their business etc.

Others come to me because of health reasons such as eczema that prevent them from showing up and getting the sale. In such situations, we work on clearing the emotional reasons behind their physical symptoms.

Whatever the reason is, invariably, we will find out that there is a certain fear or limiting belief that is in the way for them. Often this is traced to the root beliefs “I’m not lovable” or “I’m not good enough”. You see…when you have a belief “I’m not lovable”, it makes it difficult for you to attract clients, love from your family and friends and great working relationships. The belief “I’m not good enough” stops you from pursuing things that will be helpful for your business. It is possible to encounter challenges with putting yourself out there, taking calculated risks, procrastination and not taking needed actions.

Mindshift has so much to do with growth and improving your current situation. Can you tell us a little bit more about your approach to mindshift changes?

A person’s mindset is usually made up of beliefs. As my 1:1 sessions are customised, it becomes possible to identify the specific limiting beliefs that are causing someone to be in self-sabotage. Usually, the belief is formed from sometime in the past and during childhood when a person is below 6-7 years old.

I take clients through a therapeutic process. We find out what the belief is at the subconscious level, learn the lesson, perform the energy healing and embed a new belief. We override the picture of an unhappy past with a new empowering picture at the subconscious and we send the entire energy of it into the Universe, so that the client can begin to attract a new set of reality.

With regards to financial well-being, on your site you ask the question “could it be that you’ve been in the same negative patterns of emotional struggle over money matters for a long time now? On reflection, you may discover that while things have improved over the years, you are still far from manifesting your dream or money breakthrough. You are currently feeling depleted in energy, miserable, frustrated, disappointed and ashamed. It will be great if you can change your situation and improve your results.” What approach do you use to help your clients identify these patterns in their lives? In your experience, are your clients often even aware that these financial patterns exist?

Mostly, clients are not aware or have little awareness that these patterns exist at first. They are often surprised as to what the answers to their issues are.

Let me share 4 examples, so that it is easier for you to create an understanding. My clients’ names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Nelly. 41 years old, financial planner. She wanted to top her sales team. However, she also realised that she was being held back by a lack in self-confidence. When we started working together, she started recalling a memory that she had buried for a long time. When she traced it back, she recalled that she was molested at 6 years old. Back then, she did not dare tell anyone. The beliefs that she had formed were that “I am powerless” and that “I’m not good enough”. These same beliefs perpetuated throughout her life in dysfunctional patterns that led to a breakdown in her relationships repeatedly. However, once we managed to know what the beliefs were, we changed them at the subconscious level. Nelly was able to feel more confident about herself after our session. She went on to achieve her goals.

Janice, 50 years old, real estate agent. She could not close her clients repeatedly. So she went on a journey to try various ways to help herself until she came upon my serveices. Janice found out that she had formed certain beliefs about “I can never be successful” when she was made to fail during the childhood games that her dad used to play with her. The insights helped her to become aware about the negative patterns she had been trapped in throughout her life. After helping her clear her beliefs, Janice reported that she was able to improve on her client conversion rates.

Kay, 41 years old, mother to two girls, stay-at-home mother who aspires to run her own business. She was going through a marriage breakdown and was feeling desperate about the money situation. While working together, she discovered that she had adopted the same limiting beliefs as her mother. Money beliefs such as “I am not good enough to thrive” and “money is the root of all evils”. These were rewritten in order to help her attract a new financial reality.

Rose, 39 years old, freelance online digital marketer. Her low self-confidence had impacted her ability to get more clients. Through working together, she found out that her issues stemmed from the time when she was in her mother’s womb. Her mother had once wanted to abort her. It explained Rose had always felt “unwanted” even though as an adult, the relationship she had with her mother had improved. We had to change the story for her energetically. After working together, she declared that reclaiming herself was the best thing that she did for herself. She was able to do public speaking in front of her target audience a lot more!

The biggest breakthrough that happened to one of my clients is a US$10mil breakthrough. She helped her firm win a contract. She claimed that it would not have happened if we had not worked on her childhood issues.

Please know that I don’t guarantee results. I usually don’t have an idea of what would come up during a session. However, I am very confident that my process works to create a shift, such that the potential for a breakthrough is secured. Also, no words can fully describe what a session is like. It is experiential. You have to go through one, in order to understand what I mean. The lessons that you learned during a session occur at a very deep level. It is embedded in your subconscious.

Your approach to transformation is inside out (rather than outside in). Can you tell us a little bit more about your three step system and what that entails and how it helps an entrepreneur?

My 3-step system with inside-out transformation is: Activate the Intention, Align the Energy System and Amplify the Vision.

Activate the intention is to start by getting clear in what you’d like to manifest. Clarity is power. If you send confused signals to the Universe, you will only manifest confusion. Often, when clients first approach me, they are caught in debilitating stories about what they do not want. They believe that life is a struggle or that everything is going wrong in their lives. However, when asked on what they do want, they are not very clear. So activating intention is to re-direct attention and energy to the desired outcome.

Aligning the Body’s Energy System is to remove the energy obstruction or what is in the way for them. It involves releasing the past, reclaiming themselves and rewriting their stories at the energetic level. As explained in the answer to the previous question, I facilitate clients via a therapeutic process. By helping them to clear their emotional blocks and rewrite their beliefs, they are no longer in self-sabotage of what is possible for them.

Amplifying the vision is to engage in positive visualisations, meditation and affirmations. What is imagined with consistency and focus, is manifested on the outside. I help entrepreneurs with key exercises on visioning the goal that they wish to manifest.

You’re a big believing in ETF tapping. Can you tell us a little bit more about what that is and why someone might want to practice it as it relates to entrepreneurship and financial success? How can ETF tapping help someone breakthrough their financial barriers?

EFT tapping is a modality that I had found extremely helpful. It helps in emotional healing and making mental breakthroughs. While it is not the only modality i use, tapping forms an important basis for the deep dive therapeutic process that I take clients through. I often would guide my clients through some basic steps, so that they can also self-help outside our sessions.

EFT tapping is a method that draws on the Traditional Chinese Medicine study of acupuncture and combining it with Western psychology. EFT tapping involves using your finger tips to tap on specific meridian points on your face and body, for emotional release. It is like performing acupuncture but without the needles.

Because EFT tapping is a modality that aids in situations of self-sabotage, it is helpful for entrepreneurs who struggle with achieving their goals and dreams. About 80% of entrepreneurs fail to succeed and that is a high percentage. Most of us are taught in school to become employees, not entrepreneurs. Hence, we are not programmed to think differently, take risks, or we could have some money beliefs that are in the way. Tapping helps to clear the sabotage and align the body’s energy system. The basic premise behind EFT tapping is that “the root cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system”.

Very importantly, under guidance, tapping can bring about clear insight. So you can learn the lesson and make the intention of not repeating the same pattern. All in all, because we are naturally set to abundance, tapping helps to increase the chance of a success and set our financial blueprint to its most optimal.

You talk about money blocks being the root cause of financial problems. You mention that money blocks create a disruption in your energy system and lower your vibrational state of being. Can you begin by telling us a little bit more about what money blocks are and how they relate to energy systems and vibrational state of beings?

Money blocks are simply money beliefs that limit your ability to generate financial abundance. Examples include “money is the root of all evils”, “it’s a struggle to make a living” and “I can’t be rich and spiritual at the same time.” Energetically, they obstruct the natural flow of abundance. They lower your vibrational state of being. You can know that this is true, when you are feeling frustrated, sad or disappointed as you think about your financial situation. How you feel and think about money affects your vibrations.

If you want to improve your relationship with money, you will need to change your feelings and thoughts about it. By virtue of the law of attraction, you’d find yourself attracting the outcomes that match the same frequency.

On your website you state that “true wealth starts with having a prosperity mindset.” Can you tell us more about what a prosperity mindset is?

Wealth is not based on what you have externally. You can have material possessions but you can be unhappy. True wealth or abundance encompasses everything about being happy, doing the work that you love, great relationships, enough money that gives you options in life, and so on. Prosperity mindset is to have a set of beliefs that support an optimal abundance blueprint. You operate from a paradigm that is expansive. You are generous, open, positive, driven from the heart and connected with God/the Universe. You live in gratitude, in acknowledgement that you are truly blessed in life.

Thank you greatly for taking the time to chat with our quantified self blog readers about your experience as an abundance coach today Evelyn. To our blog readers, if you’d like to learn more about Evelyn you can head over to her website here.


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Written By Noah Cohen: Published Jan 6th, 2020 | Updated Jan 6th, 2020.

Noah Cohen is the driving force behind Humanic.Tech, a habit tracking app and life dashboard designed to help people reach their most ambitious goals. 🚀

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